Vascular Birthmarks

What are vascular birthmarks?

treating vascular birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks or called red birthmarks are caused by increased flow of blood vessels and include macular stains and hemangiomas. These birthmarks are tumors. Typically 10 percent of babies show vascular birthmarks by age one.

Is there treatment available?

Birthmarks should be examined by a physician as soon as possible. A correct diagnosis should be made and a decision about whether further treatment is necessary. Strawberry and cavernous hemangiomas disappear typically with cosmetic treatments.

If you see the birthmark spreading you should demand a physician take action. If a decision is made not to treat the lesion the patients parents should watch to see if any changes or unexpected enlargements, bleeding or ulcerations, or encroachment on adjacent surfaces occur. In an emergency, a patient should go to the emergency room and have the lesion looked at immediately.

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