What are Warts?

treating warts

Basically warts are tumors, but don't worry, they are not cancerous. They can grow on any part of your body, usually your hands and feet, places with the most foreign contact.

Genital warts have become common and an issue among young adults. Genital warts can grow on the anus, rectum, vagina, and cervix. They are bigger cause for concern than regular warts because they are generally associated with cervical cancer. Also, skin cancer is more likely at the site of long-standing genital warts.

How Do I Get Warts?

Warts come from a virus like the common cold. Children and teenagers are more likely to get them. Warts are very contagious. If you have them on your hands be careful where you touch yourself or others and be especially mindful of open wounds. Genital warts are particularly contagious. Be mindful if you or your sexual partner has them. If so, use precautions.

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